What if we didn’t have a Word doc?

  • August 13, 2021

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When is Excel Access not an Excel program?

  • July 29, 2021

VBA programming with Excel access, VBA macros and the like can be quite useful. 

It’s quite easy to do, once you get the hang of it, but it’s often a bit tricky to get it right.

For example, here’s an Excel file that uses macros to make a table in Excel that can then be converted to a PowerPoint slide by adding a bunch of extra information: The table is not an actual Excel file, but the macro that calls it is. 

If you want to use Excel access to make your PowerPoint slides, you’ll need to write a macro that will make the table an Excel spreadsheet, or to convert it to a spreadsheet, which you’ll do with a spreadsheet. 

 I’m using a spreadsheet as an example because that’s what the macro is, but there’s nothing wrong with using Excel access in a spreadsheet to make slides.

Here’s how to use the macro to make this table in PowerPoint: 1) Copy the file to a file cabinet 2) Add a file called “VBA-Macro-Programming-Using-Excel”.

This file is called “Program VBA Access” because the VBA-macros are macros, and Excel access is VBA access.

3) Now, to add some additional information to the table: 1.)

Right-click the table, and select “Copy to clipboard”.


Right click on the file named “VBC_Macro_Program_Using_Excel.xlsx”, and select  “Copy”.


Rightclick on the “Program”, and “Copy” to paste the information into the clipboard. 

(Note that the file name will change to “VBE Access”). 

(The table name will still change to VBA_Macros.xlsm.) 

4) Open the file and click on “Copy Now” to save it. 5) Close the file.

 (Again, the file will change back to a blank file.

You can close the file by pressing the F9 key, but you’ll probably want to close it first.) 

You can open up the file again and edit the macro by selecting “Copy Paste”, and then “Open to Open to File”. 

(If you do this, the macro will still work as expected, but now you’ll have a new file named VBC_macro_program_using_excel.vbe)  (In this case, I’m going to edit the table to show the name of the macro, but otherwise the macro should work the same as before.) 

If you’re making a presentation or just want to create a new table, it’s still possible to use VBA macro access in PowerPoint. 

There are two ways to use it, which are discussed in the “VAB Access” section.

The first method is to make the macro use Excel as the primary data source, or in other words, you can use Excel macros to access PowerPoint’s tables.

If you want Excel macros, you must first get Excel access. 

If this is the case, you may want to try to get Excel Access to create the macro first. 

First, open the file called VBA Macro-Program-Using.xslx and double-click it.

(If the file opens in a window, double-clicking it opens the file in the document viewer.) 

(Once you’ve opened the file, you don’t have to press F9 to open it.)

(Note: The file name “VBO Access” will change from “Program” to “Program-VB Access”.) 

(This is a Windows XP file.) 

 Now, right-click on “VBB Access”, and choose “Copy.” 

(You can also use the “Ctrl-Shift-F” key.) 

Note: If you don.t know what VBO Access is, you might have to use this trick.

The file will open in the Microsoft Excel file viewer, which is where Excel macros are stored.

Click on the File tab. 

(If you open the “File” tab in the File Explorer, you should see a new tab.) 

Select “VBIB Access”. 

(You can see this tab by double- clicking it.) 

Then, right click on a line of text and select Edit…. 

The text should change to something like this: VBA program VBA.







Access VBA Programs-VBO.



How to access VBA programming on Google Chrome with Google Chrome 24.0

  • July 8, 2021

Google Chrome is the latest web browser to offer the latest vba program.

It is built to support the most popular vba programs and programs, like VBA for Windows, and the latest version of the vba.exe program.

You can now access vba in Chrome 24 with the following steps: Launch Chrome’s Developer Tools Click on Extensions and scroll down to VBA and click on it.

Click the “Extensions” menu.

Select “Developer Tools” Click “Tools” again to open the “Developer Console”.

Navigate to the “Program Files” folder and select “Programs”.

Type in the following: “vba://” where ProgramName is the name of your vba executable, and vba:// is the full path to the executable.

You will be prompted to restart the computer to apply the changes.

If you are not sure if this works for you, please let us know.

If this does not work, please try the following commands: sudo npm install –save-dev vba vba_installer_3.4.1 sudo npm run vba

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