Why is the U.S. military so concerned about the threat of ransomware?

  • September 16, 2021

An American-made cyberattack on an Israeli cybersecurity firm that crippled a major corporation and the government of Iran last week has prompted the government to order a national security review of the threat posed by ransomware, the Department of Homeland Security announced Wednesday.

The agency said it was asking experts to help evaluate whether ransomware is still capable of inflicting damage on businesses and infrastructure.

It also asked cyber security experts to review how best to prevent its spread.

The cyberattack, which the U, Israel and U.K. say was carried out by the same group, was the latest to hit the U in recent months.

Earlier this month, the Pentagon ordered the closure of a network that handles U.N. and NATO communications and warned that cyberattacks against the U were likely to become a regular occurrence.

Last month, cybersecurity firms reported a ransomware attack that wiped files and made them inaccessible.

But the White House, which is in charge of overseeing the U., said the attacks were a result of the so-called Lazarus Group, an international criminal group that has previously targeted the U by stealing data and encrypting it.

The group has targeted banks, corporations and governments around the world and is believed to be backed by the Russian government.

It is suspected of operating from the same base in Hong Kong as the Lazarus Group.

U.S.-based security firm CrowdStrike said it found evidence that the Lazarus group was behind the attack, which it said was carried the malware by the Lazarus malware family, which includes CryptXXX.

The company also said it detected the Lazarus virus in an online file hosted by the U that was later posted online by the White Sox.

The White Sox declined to comment on the Lazarus file.

The White House on Wednesday said it would hold a conference call with industry representatives, including the cyber security industry, to discuss the potential for ransomware.

The administration will also release guidance to help businesses protect themselves against ransomware.


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