Microsoft’s ‘VBA programming’ is not a programming language, it’s just code, says the company’s VP of the Windows Platform

  • September 9, 2021

Ars Technic has learned that Microsoft is not yet officially supporting the development of “VBA Programming”, a programming system that Microsoft claims could be “a game-changing programming language”.

The news comes just two days after Microsoft announced that it had launched the first beta of a new “VAB”, or Visual Basic Application Programming Interface, which will allow programmers to write their own applications.

Microsoft says that this will be used by “a broad range of developers”, including “game developers”, “audio/video creators”, and “developers of emerging technologies”.

Microsoft says it has developed the VAB in partnership with a range of “industry-leading companies” and will launch it in “the first half of 2017”.

The VAB is expected to be used in conjunction with Microsoft’s “Vast” suite of Windows apps, which Microsoft claims will “bring the power of VBA programming to the masses”.

The company’s “Flexible Visual Basic” platform has been around for a few years now, and is one of the core components of Windows 8.

Microsoft is currently pushing a new version of “Fully-Automated Visual Basic”, which is a “compatibility layer” for VBA programs.

The new version will enable “developer teams to build new applications that use the VBA language and features directly within Windows, rather than having to use an external tool to do so”.

This will make “vast” applications easier to use in Windows 8, and will also allow developers to easily use Visual Basic with Microsoft Office apps.VBA is a programming framework designed to run on Windows computers.

The language itself is a subset of C#, and while there are currently a number of extensions and features for it, the most important part is that the VBC dialect itself can be used as a “template” for programming.

Microsoft’s own website claims that VBA Programming “provides a rich set of APIs for building interactive applications, and allows developers to quickly develop applications in any programming language.”

“The future of VBAs is the future of applications.

That is what this initiative is all about,” Microsoft’s VP for the Windows Developer Program, Marc Raymo, told Ars in a statement.

“The next great programming language will be VBA, and the world will be a better place when it does.”

The company has also confirmed that it will “continue to support the development and testing of the FAB”.

The “FAB” is a term used by Microsoft to describe its own Visual Basic development platform.

Microsoft has long been working to get more people to use its “FULL” version of VBC, which is based on the language’s core.

However, in recent months, the company has begun to shift its focus to its “VAST” suite.

“Vasts” is aimed at “developing next-generation applications that run on a wide range of devices and platforms, including mobile phones, tablets, PCs, and cloud services.”

Microsoft claims that “VASTA will enable developers to build applications that are truly Universal Windows Platform applications that can run across Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux devices.”

Microsoft is now “in the early stages of designing VAST” and says that “develops will be able to start using VAST to build apps on the web, iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.”VAST is a new development platform that will allow developers “to build applications and libraries that run across the full range of Windows, Windows Server, Windows Phone, and Mac OS, along with the full suite of Microsoft APIs.”

The development of VAST is “still in the early stage”, but Raymo said that “we have already started using VASTA and will continue to support it”.

Raymo’s statement also said that Microsoft has “a number of partners working on the VAST language and platform, and have started deploying it to devices”.

Microsoft has said that it expects to release VAST in the “second half of this year”.

Microsoft is also expected to begin “exploring the possibility of a future VAST based on VBA-7”, a new programming language that was developed in conjunction “with Microsoft’s existing FAB programming framework”.

Raymo told Ars that Microsoft “will continue to provide developers with an API to use to write applications in VBA.

That API will also enable them to quickly build applications in other languages such as C# and Objective-C.””

This will allow more developers to write more applications in languages that are better suited to the modern day, cloud-connected world,” Raymo continued.


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